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 Name Origin

  Jianshih township is the aboriginal home of Hsinchu County. The name “Jianshih’ is from the legend about a majestic rock where two powerful rivers meet. The first mighty river lives in Naluo, and the second comes from Jiale. These two rivers along with the radiant sun and many severe storms have carved this majestic rock to be as sharp as bamboo. This rock represents the aboriginal’s strength to endure hardship, and is a perpetual reminder to the locals that no matter what may come, they will remain strong. When the Chinese came to Taiwan, they simply translated this aboriginal name into the Chinese: “Jian’ meaning sharp and “Shi’ meaning stone.
     Jianshih Township was governed by the Hsinchu City Police Department in 1920, which was under the Japanese rule from 1895 to 1945. During the same year on October 1st, Taiwan was divided into prefectures for local governance. Jianshih Township was subordinated to Jhudong of Hsinchiku (Hsinchu State), and Jhudong was divided into Jianshih, Siou Luan, Yu Fong district etc, which was governed by the Japanese Police. In 1945, the Japanese rule ended along with Second World War, and the Hsinchu Control Council was handed over to the government of the ROC (Republic of China). The township administration was set up on March 1st, 1946.
  Jianshih Township has the largest administrative area in Hsinchu County at 527.5795 square kilometers, which is one-third of the total area. Jianshih Township is located west of Hengshan Township, east of Yuanyang Lake, north of Fusing Township, south of the Pintian Mountain in the Central Mountain Range, and at the border of Taichung County. It is divided into two areas: the Front Mountain and the Back Mountain. It has an abundance of very steep mountains, with the Toucian and Dahan rivers flowing down. This mountainous, green region has a humid and moderate climate. With its vast territory and sparse population, it is the lifeblood of Hsinchu County.
Transportation Guide
By car
 Towards the south:
Get off at Guansi interchange. Follow the 118 to Guansi, then take Provincial Route No. 3 towards Hengshan. Turn left at Shihfenliao, and follow the 120 for 7 kilometers, until arrival at Jianshih Township. The distance is 23 kilometers.
Get off at Cyonglin interchange and follow the 120 until arrival at Jianshih Township. 
 Towards the north: 
 Get off at Cyonglin interchange, follow the 120, until arrival at Jianshih Township. 
By bus
 Hsinchu Transportation Bus:
Jhudong to Naluo line, get off at Jianshih bus stop.
Jhudong to Meihua line, get off at Jianshih bus stop.
Jhudong to Bawushan line, get off at Jianshih bus stop.